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Milestones Achieved

CONSTRUCTION: An amount of Hs. 7.15 lakhs has been spent in the first and second phases of construction. The Third phase comprises construction of Prakaram and Rajagopuram.

The Details of Works completed are:

  • A 25-step Sopanam [bathing Ghat at the riverside]

  • A concrete platform on the river bed [for safe avabhrta snanam by the Swamigals)

  • A concrete platform within the temple premises [enables a large number of devotees to witness Aradhanam and Shatrmurai ]

  • A 30 ft. by 40 ft. fully covered Thirumadapalli [adjoining the present small kitchen within the temple premises with dining space far Bhagavathas].

  • 550 ft. long x 10 ft. high 'strong' stone masonry compound fully enclosing the temple premises.

  • Iron gate for Maha Dwaram and a side gate [near Thayar Sannidhi].

  • HANUMAR SANNIDHI with a proper Gopuram.

  • Water facility - 250 ft. deep bore well plus pump.

  •  A huge water tank.

  • Two 'pucca' Toilets.

  •  Clearance of 2 acres of land by leveling for agriculture. With more funds the land can be further prepared and given on lease - An annual return of Rs.10,000/-expected.( Now a beautiful banana Thottam has come up with Swami's grace).

  • 65 feet  Rajagopuram built and concerted on 16th May 2010.

Now one major task is over but we need your assistance in NithyArAdhanam Kainkaryam, Some small works and also maintenance of the temple. if you wish to participate in this holy kainkaryam, please contact the following

The Present Holiness of Ashramams and all the matams are very keen to see that important Kainkaryams viz. NithayArAdanam goes on.

The Current Position is that NithayArAdanam started with some funds made available in 2002 will continue till the year end. To avoid interruptions, we need continued monetary support . The estimate cost of daily Aradhanam is as follows- it is obvious that since the place is not close to a city, unless one pays a decent salary , it will be difficult to attract "Archakars".

Sl No  Details Rs. per Month
01 One full-time Archakar + a substitute during Emergency [Salary] Rs.
02 Minimum Living amenity Rs.
03 Minimum Prasadam (at least 1/4 Kg each time in Morning and evening rice, dhal, oil etc Rs.
04 Flowers and Parikaram Rs.
05 Vastram - for main deities Azhwars, Acharyas-Change at least once a year. Rs.
06 Security for the temple etc.( Salary of watchman). Rs.

The fixed term deposits rates have dropped sharply in the last couple of years and further downwards revision is feared , however taking 6% p.a interest as basis a sum of 12 lakhs will be required.

Our Appeal to the Followers of Vedanta Desikan here and abroad:


Either create a fund in your parents name for any Kainkaryam like Archakars salary, or prasadam ( Both morning and evening) or for flowers/Parikaram or Vastram. You can have deposits in your name which will  allow us to use the interest for a particular Kainkaryam of your choice.



Pay one time amount for Shaswatha Puja.

 Your names will be prominently engraved on a marble block for your children, grandchildren and posterity to see and cherish your contribution for a holy cause.

On our part we will be conducting Archana's for your welfare on any two days of your choice and also whenever you happen to visit Sathyagalam (Shaswatha Puja).

We celebrate our Swami Desikan's Thirunakshatram in Thula Masam on a grand scale every year when their Holiness , the pontiffs take part.

Your response / queries as also your Cheques and drafts may be sent to any one of the following two Hon. Secretaries. The Cheques / Drafts should be drawn in favour of "Sathyagalam Desika Sabha" . You can remit online also in the Canara Bank mentioned below and intimate them .

Sri B.S. Selvanarayanan (Hon. Secretary),
# 381,4th Main, 7th Cross Saraswathipuram,
Mysore - 570 009 .+91-821-2543392(Mysore)
Canara Bank A/c 0876101015557

Sri K.R. Krishnaswami (Hon. Secretary )
#189, Third Model Street Basavanagudi,
Bangalore - 560 004 Tel + 91 80 26767528
Mobile : +91 9902058417 / +91 9740067078.

Canara Bank A/c 0473101031812

We look for your extreme patronage to convert the long desired intentions of their Holiness and devotees into a reality.

 Please click here to see the pending Kainkaryam Pending Kainkaryam

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