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Virtual Tour of Sathyagalam Temple

There is a sannidhi for Lord Nrusimhar who is majestically seated with his consort  Sri Lakshmi perched on his left thigh. The moorthy is very attractive. It is a prototype of the idol in Kanchipuram in structure and location, where you will first visit Lord Lakshmi Nrusimhar sannidhi and then visit our Lord Varadharajar. Here too, one has to have his darshanam and then proceed to Vardhar's sannidhi. Then You see the the Archa of Uthsavar and along with our Swami Desikan Uthsavar in Ninra Thirukolam, Then you move to the sannidhi of Moolavar of Varadharajar. Then you come out then proceed to Thayar Sannidhi , Our Mother looks very beautiful , then on both sides the Alwar Acharyan sannidhis are there. Then come back you have Moolavar sannidhi of Swami Desikan and also beneath him you will find the Koorma Peetam. then you come out and come out you will have a sannidhi for Seriya Thiruvadi. Then you come out and can visit the banks of Cauvery where you will find the Gyana Ashwatha.

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